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This is my self-promotion piece. Growing up, my Asian heritage played a significant role in shaping who I am today. I decided to give chopsticks instead of a business card to share my unique experiences and creative ideas with people I meet.


Chopsticks are a strong symbol of my culture, and I hope that by giving them to people I meet, they will have a better understanding of who I am and the imaginative concepts, pioneering ideas, and revolutionary perspectives I bring to the table. I also hope that people will continue to use the chopsticks as a practical daily item, rather than disposing of them like a consumable.

アートボード 8_3x.png
アートボード 33_3x.png
アートボード 8 のコピー_3x.png
アートボード 22_3x.png
アートボード 34_3x.png
アートボード 8 のコピー_1_3x.png
アートボード 8 のコピー 2_1_3x.png
アートボード 35_3x.png


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