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J.Hanna Exibition Design

SPRING BREEZE  is a project to design a fictional exhibition for the brand J. Hanna. The exhibition focused on J hannah's nail polishes, and I wanted to create an exhibition where people could choose their favorite combination of nail polish and their rings. I designed the catalog, invitations, posters, website, and swag while maintaining the elegant, clean, and luxurious image of the brand.

logoin black_3x_edited.png
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The catalog


The exhibition catalog describes the designer, the brand and the products. J Hannah's distinctive nail polishes are inspired by a variety of sources, including furniture, food, plants, and culture. To showcase this, each page of the product introduction was designed as a mood board to give the reader a sense of the colors and their emotions. Additionally, I presented recommended combinations of rings on each page, which are coordinated with the color of the nail polish.

I created a tag with the color of each nail polish on the right edge of the catalog. This makes it easy to visualize if the color actually matches you.


The color

J Hanna's color palette draws inspiration from natural materials and artists' palettes, offering nuanced hues that seamlessly blend with fashion. I decided to uses a mostly subdued color palette to maintain its sophisticated and elegant photographic mood.

アートボード 1.png
アートボード 3.png


The type palette consists of  COSI TIMES —a display face designed by Nikolas Wrobel and published through Nikolas Type in 2017, used for titles in all caps or captions in lowercase — and UNIVERS — a large sans-serif typeface family designed by Adrian Frutiger —to create a form of elegance and sophistication.

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